Types of Mattresses Sold In A Box October 29, 2022 October 29, 2022 TambraAline

Although the comfort layer and support core components distinguish one mattress model from another in terms of materials and construction, our research has shown that the vast majority of beds available in stores today may be placed into one of five broad categories. There are certain similarities across the different types, but there are also differences in durability, the quality of the materials, and other aspects of performance. Here are the five most common mattress types: is fiberglass in mattresses safe?


Hybrid mattresses are innerspring. These types have memory foam, latex, and pocketed coils. Hybrids have polyfoam transition layers. Queen-size hybrids cost between $1,600 and $2,000, a mid-range pricing. Hybrids are well-balanced. Memory foam and latex comfort layers give decent body-conforming, pressure alleviation, and motion isolation for couples. The bed’s coil layers provide support and stability. Coils keep the bed cool by promoting airflow. 


The comfort layers of an innerspring mattress are made of polyfoam, and the support core is made of steel coils. The coils can be open and coupled with wires known as helical, or they can be enclosed in fabric and pocketed, or they can be open and joined together with helical. The pricing range for an innerspring mattress is typically rather reasonable, falling between $900 and $1,100 on average. Innersprings feature responsive and supporting surfaces. Our testing team finds innerspring to be sensitive and little-conforming. Many innerspring are well-suited for heavier individuals due to their coils. Couples also like responsive surfaces during sex. 


The sap of rubber tree plants is where latex, a type of natural rubber, is obtained. In general, the comfort layer of an all-latex bed will be composed of a more malleable and conforming kind of latex, while the support core will be composed of a thicker and stiffer material. The latex might be organic or natural, which indicates that it has a minimal amount of chemical additives if any at all. Latex mattresses cost $1,600-$2,000 per bed. Latex is more durable than foam and lasts longer. Organic and natural latex is best. This gives most all-latex mattresses a long lifespan. Our testers find latex beds to be body-conforming and responsive. Due to latex’s breathability, they sleep cool. 


An airbed’s center has motorized air chambers. Mattress firmness can be adjusted by adding or releasing air from the chambers. Some airbeds have eight or more chambers. Many models provide dual firmness for couples with varying preferences. Compared to other mattress kinds, airbeds are very customizable. The greatest airbeds can be adjusted from gentle to super hard. Airbeds are pricey, though. Queen-size models average $2,000 to $2,400, and some cost over $4,000. 


Memory foam and polyfoam comfort layers atop a high-density polyfoam base. Customers can choose between soft, firm, or medium-firm foam variants. Foam mattresses cost $900 to $1,200. Pressure-relieving cradle our testers tried hundreds of foam mattresses. The comfort layers in a foam bed conform to your body, creating a sinking feeling like sleeping “in” the mattress. This aligns the spine and relieves the shoulder, back, hip, and other pressure points. Most foam beds are motion-isolating and quiet.