How Effective Are Mattresses That Cool the Sleeper? October 25, 2022 October 25, 2022 TambraAline

There is a wide variety in the ability of different mattresses to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. However, items that do have specialised cooling capabilities may make a significant impact in this regard. After all, if the material of the mattress does not let air move away from the body, warm air will continue to be trapped within, while chilly air will continue to be forced out. The mattress must allow open-air circulation throughout its interior to control the temperature effectively.

Materials in Cooling Mattresses

When we talk about cooling technology, we should highlight that most of the industry’s most reputable roll up bed mattress manufacturers (certainly all of the ones we’ve discussed in this piece) have included cooling technology in the design of their mattresses. Many manufacturers have even released updated versions of older models to keep up with the latest scientific developments in the field of mattress cooling technology.

Individually Wrapped Coils

What makes individually wrapped coils stand out from other options? Each individually wrapped coil in a mattress stands on its own, enclosed in a fabric pocket, in contrast to Bonnell coils and hourglass coils, which are interwoven throughout the surface of the mattress.

Charcoal-Infused Foam

Even while we at Sleepopolis do not believe that charcoal-infused memory foam is nearly as beneficial as gel-infused memory foam, many people who use memory foam say that charcoal-infused foam is the best thing since sliced bread. Using activated charcoal with permeable open-cell foam may confer additional ventilation benefits and cool the mattress.

Graphite-Infused Foam

It’s easy to associate graphite with pencils, but this mineral agent is also recognised for its ability to drain away body heat and prevent hot sleepers from feeling suffocated. Graphite is found in pencil lead.

Gel-Infused Foam

Mattresses touted to have cooling capabilities will commonly utilise gel-infused memory foam in the construction to help in heat absorption and temperature control. The gel may be present in the form of gel beads or injected throughout the foam, but either way, gel-infused foam often has a chilly sensation when touched.

Types of Cooling Mattresses

When selecting a high-quality new mattress, construction is the most important factor. Regarding temperature regulation, not all beds are made alike, and if your bed is built with the appropriate components, you’ll have a far better chance of enjoying a restful night’s sleep. The following is a short list of our preferred cooling mattress materials.

Cooling Latex Mattresses

Latex is one of the greatest materials that may be used to protect warm sleepers from becoming too hot. Because of its open-cell structure, it is inherently breathable and enables air to flow far better than other materials, such as memory foam. Latex, due to the open-cell structure of its molecules, not only provides adequate ventilation but also wicks away heat and moisture.

Cooling Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam used to be regarded as a nightmare for those who slept hot because of the way it tends to retain heat. However, the science behind cooling memory foam has gone a long way in recent years. Even while it is still more probable that you will have a night’s sleep cooler on another kind of mattress, you may still discover a wonderful cooling bed if you have your heart set on sleeping on a memory foam bed.